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Slab On Grade

Product Overview



The STRAND post-tensioning system is used in the construction Of slabs on grade.

Warehouses, distribution centers, container terminals, airports, pavements, residential slabs and recreational Slabs

For tennis courts and skating rings are common applications.


Eliminate joints


Joints in reinforced concrete slabs on grade have long been a cause of cost and delay to owners because of the constant maintenance they require.


Owners and operators of facilities with slabs on grade can eliminate these costs by eliminating the joints themselves.


The STRAND post-tensioned concrete slab on grade is cast in very large areas, often exceeding 2,500m2, in which there are no joints.


In certain applications, slabs in the order of 10,000m2 can be constructed without movement joints.


Crack-free performance


The STRAND post-tensioning axially compresses the concrete slab to counteract tensile stresses which would otherwise cause cracking under the worst combinations of temperature and applied loads.


The prestress applied can even control the initial concrete shrinkage sufficiently to prevent initial shrinkage cracking.


Thinner slab

The STRAND’s slab is much thinner than its equivalent in reinforced concrete, and generally contains no reinforcement except at the perimeter and for trimming at penetrations.


Initial cost

The thinner slab, absence of reinforcement, absence of costly internal jointing and the cost saving available from the construction program

time saved by casting large areas, all contribute to a competitive initial cost.


Future maintenance

During the life of the slab, the joint maintenance costs which the owner no longer needs to provide, will reapgreat improvements.


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