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Post Tensioning Privileges

Product Overview


a) Provision of brilliant structural solutions affecting positively the Architectural interior design. 

b) Providing structural reinforced concrete with the best & durable concrete characteristics Specs.  

c) Speeding the job timing and performance.  

d) Starting the job earlier.  

e) Decreasing the overall job cost. 

f) Finally Increasing the revenue of the job. 


a) Introducing latest structural solutions to the client.

b) Enhancing the design solutions.

c) Improving the design efficiency. 

 d) Reduce the slabs design cost and duration.

e) Increasing credibility on front of the client.


a) Accelerate the job.   

b) Decreasing the overall overhead and cost. 

c) Increasing the credibility on front of the client. 

d) Make More Money.


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